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Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016

So this last April, I attended once more the Oracle Modern Marketing Experience (#MME16). This time I got the opportunity to be a speaker, talking specificaly about the Social Service Transformation - read more here.

I also got the opportunity to record a quick video where I talk about how we use some of the Oracle tools within my job.


New home bar

Wow, I thought I would never find time to post anything else on my blog. Life's getting busier and busier.
However, here I am. Not to write a long written post, but to share one of my latest projects. My new home bar. Check the video below and enjoy!

Latest update on my Autorama (Slot car) project!

Here how it is coming along...

Take a look at this cool info-graphic of my Facebook profile!

Project Google Glass: I want one of those!

This is really cool. I hope it won't be something like Google Wave!

Another certification! Now I am ITPM certified!

ITPM is the methodology Cummins follows to get IT projects done. I am glad I am now certified!

I am an Eloqua Revenue Lifecycle Master!

Just got my certificate today... Thanks to my friend Chris Block, which also became one.

Way to go Eloqua!