Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Google Search

New Google is very fast : It is approx. double as fast as the old Google

Keywords are more important: SEO professionals are up for more search engine optimization. The algorithm is different and relies more on keyword strings in order to produce better results.
Real-time search is inching closer: Real-time search is a high priority for Google so breaking events will move up higher in the rankings. Larger index volume: More index volume, even though it probably will not matter for the average user if there are 200 million or 250 million search results.
Do you want to try it ?
New Google Search - Click Here

Do you want to compare results from the new google vs. the old google...
Test the Google Comparison tool. Enter your query and it will return the results for both the new version and the existing version. The differnces between the two can be sublte as they essential run off a similar algorithm. By having the side by side you can see that there are some slight differences.

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